OEM Services

As well as building our own guitars, a large part of our business is providing other builders with their guitars. We can give your shop a huge head-start by providing instruments that are prepped to any level of completion that you need. You can then finish them your way and provide your customer with elite level guitars without the massive investment in time and money it would take to make a similar quality instrument in a production setting. We provide services right from the initial concepts, through programming and set-up right to finishing. We offer many levels of quantity pricing as well as one-off builds.


We've produced customers guitars from quick sketches on the back of a receipt all the way up to full 3d computer models. If you can think it, we can help you make it happen right here in North America! Quick changes, custom one-offs, and small batches are no problem. We believe in supporting local economies and local builders. Strict confidentiality will be kept for our network of OEM customers. 

Please contact us to find out more.