Why a Fast guitar?

There are several distinctive features built in to all new Fast guitars that set us apart from other builders.

Neck joint

Bolt-on neck joints have been used on high-end acoustic guitars for decades.  When it comes to electrics, bolt-on neck joints are often considered "cheap" and "sloppy". Our neck joints are as tight and precise as any other type of neck joint. With a tapered tenon, the string tension will only tighten the joint rather than pull it open. Our neck joint has no paint or glue separating the body wood from the neck wood. High strength steel inserts hold everything in place, giving us the smooth transition and fret access of a neck through, while allowing us to pair different tonewoods together for the neck and body.

Truss rod

So many guitars with angled pegheads have hit the repair bench over the years with broken headstocks. Why? With steeply angled headstocks and huge, gaping routes under that truss rod cover just so someone can put a wrench on the truss rod nut or key, there is a major weak point in the neck design. We use spoke-nut truss rods with the adjustment nut at the heel. What’s different about ours is the ergonomic access point tucked away in between frets. This not only looks cleaner, but shifts the functioning area of the truss rod away from the heel where it has no effectiveness.

Quality tonewoods and thin finishes

Without the need to mass produce these guitars, we can carefully select lightweight, stable woods. We employ lengthy procedures for all lumber we buy to stabilize the moisture content and verify weight. We also use minimize the number of glue joints – usually none – in our bodies and necks to maximize tone transfer. We use visually appealing tops on our bodies so we can make striking looking guitars without relying on the finish to get the look we want.  Most of our guitars are finished with a thin but durable satin clear. In some cases, we may sparingly use toner colors to get the look we want, but we never pile on layer after layer of color, metallics and filler to make our guitars look like candy unless specifically asked to.

Precision machining

In addition to our neck joint, we do things a little differently here. Instead of routing oversized cavities, then tying everything together with jack plates, pickguards and pickup rings, we machine everything to fit precisely without adjustment from the get go. This means less plastic and metal plates are attached to our guitars. Our pickups are bolted right to the body and they are in the right place without any adjustment hardware. We either use neck binding or blind fret slots to conceal fret tangs to greatly reduce sharp fret-ends across changing seasons and climates.


Since we are a boutique builder operating in tandem with a succesful OEM business, we have access to all the tools, tricks and toys the big guys have but we aren't tied to any cost or production restrictions.  We don’t need to sell thousands of any guitar before it’s viable for us and we are very happy to build one-off exotics for the customer who wants what they want – period.