If you're in the Vancouver, BC area of Canada, come by the shop and take a tour (by appointment).  You'll see how we blend the newest and most robust computerized technology along with highly skilled crafstmen using their hands and eyes to create the guitars we sell.  

Until machines can select the perfect piece of wood for a particular guitar, sand every angle and contour to perfection, paint, wire and setup guitars to the level we demand, we will continue to do those things by hand.  Large shops can automate some of those things, but they can't do it for one guitar at a time.

We use a combination of machines and people to their strengths.  We'll machine fret slots and inlays to .001" tolerances.  Then we'll turn it over to our team to press frets and glue inlays.   Then back on the machine to bevel the frets and carve the neck back profile.  Back to the team to sand and fit the neck.  Perfect example of how things go around here.  

We build absolutely everything here in our shop that makes sense to.  That means every non-metal part in our guitars.  Even though almost everything can be outsourced from abroad, that's not why we're in this business.  We enjoy the process of building and would rather build every part ourselves instead of saving money.  This gives us full control over design and quality.